Resident Resources

Common Questions

Clerk's Office
The Village Clerk's Office is the keeper of Village records.  Phone Clerk Claire Henning (708) 499-7738

Fire Department
Click here for a list of FAQ's relating to the fire department.  

Police Department
Click here for a list of FAQs relating to the police department


Community Development
The Community Development Department consists of economic development, zoning & planning, property maintenance, and special events.    

The below link is a helpful geographic information system (GIS) tool with resourceful information for Oak Lawn residents.

Public Works (Forestry; Refuse, Recycling, and Yard Waste; Sewers; Streets; Water)
The Public Works Department maintains the Village’s infrastructure. Phone: (708) 499-7756
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Document Center

The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

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Clerks Office7 documents

  • FOIA Request Form - fillable.pdf
    document Header FOIA Request Form - fillable.pdf
  • Liquor License - Local Approval/Charity
    document Header Liquor License - Local Approval/Charity
  • Raffle License Application - Charity
    document Header Raffle License Application - Charity
  • Solicitor Application - Door to Door
    document Header Solicitor Application - Door to Door
  • Solicitor Application - Street Corner/Charity
    document Header Solicitor Application - Street Corner/Charity
  • Temporary Handicap Placard Application
    document Header Temporary Handicap Placard Application
  • Voter's Registration Application
    document Header Voter's Registration Application

Community Development4 documents

  • "Block Party" Request for Street Closure
    document Header "Block Party" Request for Street Closure
  • Building Permit
    document Header Building Permit
  • Code Book
    document Header Code Book
  • Zoning Map
    document Header Zoning Map

Finance1 document

  • Transfer Stamps
    document Header Transfer Stamps