The objective of the Water Division is to deliver potable water to its customers.  This objective is very clear and is achieved through the cooperative efforts of all Water Division employees.  The "Management by Objective" philosophy is a good choice for a water system.  People give little thought to the water system supplying their needs except on the rare occasion when they turn on the faucet and no water comes out, or it is turbid or has an odor or odd taste.  It is an unspoken tribute to the water personnel who, day after day, deliver potable water in the quantities and at the pressures desired by the customers with so very few disruptions.  The water system supplies a vital service to the public.  No modern community such as Oak Lawn could exist without a safe, dependable water system.  We, as well as all other water systems, have to meet the minimum standards and requirements of the regulatory agencies.  It is the water supplier who has the basic responsibility of providing safe water that will not impair health in any way.

To report a water main break, please contact the Water Division at (708)499-7747.  If calling outside of Village hours, please contact the Non-Emergency Police Desk at (708)422-8292

For water billing assistance please call our water help desk at 708-499-7762.

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Water Break Information
Frozen Water Lines
Lawn Sprinkling Regulations

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95th St. & New England Ave Water Tower Renovations

Maxor, Inc. will begin the renovation of the Water Tower located at 95th St. & New England Ave on July 15, 2024, weather dependent.  This project consists of removing and repainting the steel coatings on the interior and repainting the exterior of the tank.  Work is planned to take place seven days a week to quickly get the tank back into service.  The scheduled completion date is September 6, 2024.   

For any questions or concerns, please contact the onsite foreman or call Maxor, Inc at (815) 838-4370.