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Dementia is a progressive condition that impacts memory, reasoning, judgment, language, and overall cognitive abilities.  Memory care facilities provide a secure living environment where trained staff offer daily assistance with personal care to support seniors coping with memory loss. 

SeniorsHome.com has developed a guide that offers information about memory care facilities available in Illinois, along with valuable articles and resources focused on memory care.  
You can view their guide here: https://www.seniorhomes.com/illinois/memory-care.

Senior Bus - Worth Township Senior Transportation Program
Worth Township has started a Senior Transportation Program that will provide bus service for seniors ages 55 and older and persons with disabilities who are 18 and older.  You must be registered to ride the bus.  This service operates Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am– 3:00 pm. This program is affordable transportation and allows seniors to remain independent, healthy, and socially active. For more information click here.  Reserve your ride a day in advance by calling (708) 972-7075.  

The cost is $3 each way, $6 round trip, or a 10-ride pass for $25  ($5 savings).