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The Village of Oak Lawn is Pleased to Partner With the  MWRD to Provide Free Rain Barrels for Our Residents
Rain Barrels are a form of green infrastructure that are designed to capture and reuse rain water. The largest benefit of rain barrel use is achieved by disconnecting the roof runoff from the system and installing rain barrels to reuse water. Roofs comprise 41% of the impervious surface in Cook County. Many of these surfaces are directly connected to the public drainage system.
The goal of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago & the Village of Oak Lawn’s Rain Barrel Program is to remove the direct load of water from entering the sewer system, reducing basement backups, and reducing combined sewer overflow volume, overland flooding, and infiltration and inflow. The Village of Oak Lawn and the District believe that keeping this water out of the system will benefit the community.
Order forms for the free rain barrels are available for pick at our Municipal Center located at 9446 Raymond Ave, Oak Lawn, IL 60453. The forms are also available on our website. Completed & signed order forms may be mailed or dropped off at the Municipal Center. Once the order form has been processed your barrel or barrels (Limit of Four) will be ordered & then delivered to your home by the MWRD’s vendor. Please allow up to twelve weeks for delivery.  Installation is not included.
If you have questions about the Village of Oak Lawn Rain Barrel program, you can contact us at 708-499-7748 
If you have questions for the MWRD or need more information contact the Office of Public Affairs at 312-751-6633 or
Please check out the MWRD’s new vendor for pictures & additional info on the rain barrels at


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