The Board Review

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The Board of Trustees approved a special use permit for Chapel Hill South Funeral Home and Cemetery near 111th & Central to construct a mausoleum adjacent to the current one along 111th Street.  The new structure will be approximately 127’ long and just over 14’ tall and constructed of rose and dark red granite.  An easement along 111th Street will accommodate a future bike path.

A new ordinance will give residents facing automated traffic law violations (red light cameras) will have a few more weeks to review the violation.  The board voted unanimously to approve lengthening the fourteen day period of review to thirty days.  

Several financial resolutions were approved.  One approved a financing team for the issuance of the general obligation refunding bonds, Series 2015.  One continued a line of credit with Standard Bank, one related to the water project and one allowed the Village financial flexibility if needed due to uncertainties with the State of Illinois budgetary and non-budgetary hold-backs.

A new police officer was hired and will be replacing an officer who resigned.  The number of current sworn officers is 109, which is the highest in the history of the Village.

You can watch every Board of Trustees Meeting on the Village of Oak Lawn's YouTube Channel. The last meeting can be found here: