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Thank you Oak Lawn Police!

It’s not easy to be a police officer these days.  They work tirelessly behind the scenes and handle situations daily that would give an ordinary person nightmares.  

The anti-police commentary on social media is relentless, and the hostile environment makes the already thankless job exceedingly difficult even on a good day.  Reprehensibly, one current elected official even has gone so far as to attack the police at recent board meetings and in social media.

This seemed like a good time to take a moment and publicly thank Chief Murray and the Oak Lawn Police for their hard work and professionalism despite this climate of hostility.  The 2015 numbers show what an incredible job they are doing and we wanted to share them with you.

This chart illustrates how 2015 compares to prior years.  All residents can be very proud to see these positive safety trends in these difficult times.  Chief Murray and his team are deserving of support for a job well done and not politically motivated criticism.

Safety Chart