The decision has been made to close Village Hall for any non-emergency services beginning March 18th, 2020 continuing until April 7th , 2020. Click Here for more information. *********************************************************

The The Oak Lawn Police department is implementing additional safety precautions to further protect our residents and police officers and to limit unnecessary contacts during this difficult time. Click here for the full press release ********************************************************


Oak Lawn Residents and Seniors,


The Village of Oak Lawn has reached out to the following grocery stores in Oak Lawn regarding their operations and hours over the coming weeks. 

 Click here for stores with senior/high-risk hours

For seniors or other residents who are looking for a way to have groceries delivered, there are companies online where residents can order groceries and have them delivered directly to their home for a delivery charge.


The company has a program called “leave at my doorstep” delivery.

For more information, go to this page  

Many of the Oak Lawn stores below are served by this delivery service:


  1. Jewel _______________ 95th and Pulaski  
  2. Jewel _______________ 103rd and Kilpatrick
  3. Jewel _______________ 88th and Ridgeland
  4. Mariano's ____________ 110th and Cicero
  5. Fairplay _____________ 87th and Cicero
  6. Walgreens ___________ 95th and Cicero
  7. Walgreens ___________ 95th and McVicker
  8. Walgreens ___________ 6001 W 95th St,
  9. Petco _______________ 6225 W 95th Street
  10. Almahjar Food Mart ___ 108th and Cicero
  11. American Health Foods _ 5142 W. 95th Street
  12. Annapurna Grocery ____ 4951 W 95th Street
  13.  Joe & Frank’s ________ 87th and Ridgeland



We appreciate your patience during this challenging situation. The Village will continue to provide updates as we move forward. 


Board Review

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The majority of Tuesday’s meeting was consideration of a petition for a special use permit to allow a Memory Care Facility in District 3 on the current campus of Chicago Southwest Christian School and a subdivision of the school campus into two lots.  Many residents attended and remarks were heard both for and against the development.  The concerns of residents against the development were concerns about traffic, safety and if the facility would be a good fit for the area.  The residents speaking in favor of the development were primarily asking for support because of the the jobs that would be created for the hundreds of union workers who reside in Oak Lawn and the need for a facility of this type in our community.  


The petitioner modified their original proposal in the following ways as a direct result of a community meeting during which residents discussed their concerns:  1) Traffic exiting the facility would only be able to go east, 2) the entire building was moved further east and the landscape buffer was made larger and 17 feet further now making the building 95 feet from the property line, 3) at the neighbor’s request the 6 ‘ brick wall was changed to a wrought iron fence and the neighbors will have input as to the type of landscaping installed, 4) the location of the generator was moved and a muffling wall was added, 5) the dumpsters were moved to the southeast corner which is furthest from the neighbors, 6) a traffic study was agreed to after six months of occupancy with a commitment made to work with the neighborhood as to what might be needed.  Additional the water detention was reviewed by MWRD and complies with current engineering standards.  The petitioner remarked that this should improve the situation because no water detention is currently on site.


The Board voted to approve the requests with a 4-2 vote.  
New stop signs were approved for the intersection of 97th and New England Avenue, as well as 104th and Kilpatrick Avenue.
An ordinance was approved which prevents overnight parking and storage of commercial vehicles on property, unless the vehicle is directly related to the business conducted on the property.  Many residents had concerns about commercial vehicles being parked in areas that were not intended for this purpose, and the subsequent noise and traffic was becoming an issue.


The Village Board Room sound and video system will be getting a much needed overhaul.  A bid was approved for renovations using PEG funds which can only be used for this purpose.  PEG fees are collected per federal regulations from cable tv bills.  


An Oak Lawn company, Crest & Son Cement Contractors, Inc. was awarded the bid for the 2016 Concrete Repairs Program.  And the contract for the 2016 50/50 sidewalk program was awarded to Burrink Commercial Services, Inc.