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Oak Lawn Matters to be delivered to your door once a month!

The Village of Oak Lawn is excited to announce that their e-newsletter will also have a paper edition that will be sent to every home in Oak Lawn beginning early this summer. Not every resident enjoys reading their news online and many residents will appreciate getting the newsletter again delivered to their door.

It has been several years since the Village discontinued the former paper newsletter as a cost saving measure in favor of an electronic format. The electronic newsletter was called “A Community United” and was replaced and expanded by Oak Lawn Matters.

We are very excited that the new paper version of Oak Lawn Matters will include information from the entire Village, including the Park District, Library and schools. It will have useful information about Village programs and things every resident should know.

Oak Lawn Matters will never replace local newspapers and will be formatted as a resource of useful information for residents. Costs will be offset by advertising and it is estimated to be bigger, better and more inclusive than ever.

We can hardly wait to deliver the first issue to your door!