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Below is some information of what comprises the East Tower:

  •  The Birthing Center – all private labor & delivery and postpartum suites
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit
  • Cardiovascular Thoracic ICU
  • The Molenhouse Chapel in Memory of Grace Ozinga
  • Café 95
  • All patient rooms feature Smart Room Technology – a state-of-the-art highlight of the new tower that enables clinicians, patients, and families to be informed and engaged in the care process. The features allow information within the patient’s electronic medical record to be viewed in real time on the monitors, improving efficiencies and patient safety. Clinicians will carry smart phones that will enable them to review results, orders and vital signs and to receive alerts, scan medications and securely text other health care providers. Advocate Christ Medical Center will be the first hospital in the Midwest to implement this technology.

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