The decision has been made to close Village Hall for any non-emergency services beginning March 18th, 2020 continuing until April 7th , 2020. Click Here for more information. *********************************************************

The The Oak Lawn Police department is implementing additional safety precautions to further protect our residents and police officers and to limit unnecessary contacts during this difficult time. Click here for the full press release ********************************************************


Oak Lawn Residents and Seniors,


The Village of Oak Lawn has reached out to the following grocery stores in Oak Lawn regarding their operations and hours over the coming weeks. 

 Click here for stores with senior/high-risk hours

For seniors or other residents who are looking for a way to have groceries delivered, there are companies online where residents can order groceries and have them delivered directly to their home for a delivery charge.


The company has a program called “leave at my doorstep” delivery.

For more information, go to this page  

Many of the Oak Lawn stores below are served by this delivery service:


  1. Jewel _______________ 95th and Pulaski  
  2. Jewel _______________ 103rd and Kilpatrick
  3. Jewel _______________ 88th and Ridgeland
  4. Mariano's ____________ 110th and Cicero
  5. Fairplay _____________ 87th and Cicero
  6. Walgreens ___________ 95th and Cicero
  7. Walgreens ___________ 95th and McVicker
  8. Walgreens ___________ 6001 W 95th St,
  9. Petco _______________ 6225 W 95th Street
  10. Almahjar Food Mart ___ 108th and Cicero
  11. American Health Foods _ 5142 W. 95th Street
  12. Annapurna Grocery ____ 4951 W 95th Street
  13.  Joe & Frank’s ________ 87th and Ridgeland



We appreciate your patience during this challenging situation. The Village will continue to provide updates as we move forward. 


Feature Story

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Below is some information of what comprises the East Tower:

  •  The Birthing Center – all private labor & delivery and postpartum suites
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit
  • Cardiovascular Thoracic ICU
  • The Molenhouse Chapel in Memory of Grace Ozinga
  • Café 95
  • All patient rooms feature Smart Room Technology – a state-of-the-art highlight of the new tower that enables clinicians, patients, and families to be informed and engaged in the care process. The features allow information within the patient’s electronic medical record to be viewed in real time on the monitors, improving efficiencies and patient safety. Clinicians will carry smart phones that will enable them to review results, orders and vital signs and to receive alerts, scan medications and securely text other health care providers. Advocate Christ Medical Center will be the first hospital in the Midwest to implement this technology.

Advocate Smart Room

Advocate 30

Advocate 29

Advocate 6

Advocate 22

Advocate 23

Advocate 28

Advocate 38

Advocate 43

Advocate 34

Advocate 32

Advocate 35

Advocate 39