The decision has been made to close Village Hall for any non-emergency services beginning March 18th, 2020 continuing until April 7th , 2020. Click Here for more information. *********************************************************

The The Oak Lawn Police department is implementing additional safety precautions to further protect our residents and police officers and to limit unnecessary contacts during this difficult time. Click here for the full press release ********************************************************


Oak Lawn Residents and Seniors,


The Village of Oak Lawn has reached out to the following grocery stores in Oak Lawn regarding their operations and hours over the coming weeks. 

 Click here for stors with senior/high risk hours

For seniors or other residents who are looking for a way to have groceries delivered, there are companies online where residents can order groceries and have them delivered directly to their home for a deliver charge.


The company has a program called “leave at my doorstep” delivery.

For more information go to this page  

Many of the Oak Lawn stores below are served by this delivery service:


  1. Jewel           95th and Pulaski  
  2. Jewel           103rd and Kilpatrick
  3. Jewel            88th and Ridgeland
  4. Marianos      110th and Cicero
  5. Fairplay         87th and Cicero
  6. Walgreens     95th and Cicero
  7. Walgreens      95th and McVicker
  8. Walgreens      6001 W 95th St,
  9. Petco              6225 W 95th Street
  10. Almahjar Food Mart      108th and Cicero
  11. American Health Foods           5142 W. 95th Street
  12. Annapurna Grocery      4951 W 95th Street
  13.  Joe & Frank’s   87th and Ridgeland



We appreciate your patience during this challenging situation.  The Village will continue to provide updates as we move forward. 


Board Review

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Board Review

An ordinance was approved for the levy and assessment of taxes for 2015, collectible in 2016.  The corporate tax levy was approved for $13,886,695.  This is the 3rd year in a row that the levy is reduced.  From 2013, the Village of Oak Lawn’s general corporate levy is reduced 5.6%.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the 2016 Village of Oak Lawn municipal budget.  The proposed budget is $54.4 million.  The budget calls for an ongoing reduction in overall net general obligation debt outstanding of $6 million in 2016.  Pension contributions will be $6 million and $2.6 million is budgeted for streets.  Budgeted general obligation debt outstanding is $69.9 million and this is down considerably from $75.9 million in 2015 and $86.7 million in 2014.  All funds together with the $54.4 million general fund total $161.9 million.  The number of full time employees changes from 278 in 2015 to 281 in 2016.    Police and fire personnel are unchanged.

An ordinance providing for the reduction or abatement for the corporate debt service fund for the 2015 tax levy was approved unanimously as well as a resolution approving the forgiveness of certain inter-fund loans.  An intergovernmental agreement between the City of Burbank, the Village of Oak Lawn and the MWRDG pertaining to the Melvina Reservoir was approved. 

Huck Finn

Huck Finn Restaurant petitioned for a Class FV liquor license for beer, wine and gaming for their location at 10501 South Cicero.  The restaurant has been a popular stop on Cicero Avenue for the past 18 years and they are looking to improve their restaurant.  Trustee Carberry says they are “very responsible owners and great partners” with the Village.  Mayor Bury complimented them on their renovation a few years ago.  The license received unanimous approval.

A garage door height variation was granted on the 8900 block of Nashville.

Two important residents were recognized.  Bob Wilcox was recognized for his heroic contributions during WWII and for his continued contributions and community volunteering over the past seven decades.  Mr. Ken Ritter was recognized in his retirement after 26 years of service and commitment to excellence as Water Division Manager.

Mayor Bury thanked our legislators in Springfield for approving SB 2039 which was signed by the Governor on December 7, 2015.  This bill returns the flow of funding from the Motor Fuel Tax revenue, Use Tax revenue, gaming revenue and 911 funding to local municipalities.  The release of these funds means that the Village will not need to use reserves, borrow money or use other extreme measures to meet  obligations.

The entire meeting is on the Village of Oak Lawn's YouTube channel and can be viewed by clicking this link:

Below is the summarized 2016 budget plan:

Budget-Presentation pg1

Budget-Presentation pg2

Budget-Presentation pg3

Budget-Presentation pg4

Budget-Presentation pg5

Budget-Presentation pg6

Budget-Presentation pg7

Budget-Presentation pg8

Budget-Presentation pg9