Water Meter Replacement FAQ

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Water Meter Replacement – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Oak Lawn installing and upgrading water meters?

Water meters across the Village are approaching or beyond the manufacturer’s recommended lifecycle of 20 years.  As the current mechanical water meters age, they may slow down and their accuracy in registering water consumption decreases.   The meters throughout the Village are operating at varying levels of accuracy, and the system wide upgrade will ensure fair and equitable billing based on your actual water usage. The Village Board approved a plan to replace all water meters to achieve technological and customer service benefits.


How are the new meters different from what we have now?

The Village has chosen to use the Neptune Mach-10 ultrasonic meter. The new meters have no moving parts, making them less susceptible to malfunctioning over time.  The new meter will transmit hourly reads, which will be made available to you via a customer portal. This technology brings the benefits of leak detection and water conservation directly to the residents. 


Will I be charged for the installation?

No. You will not be asked to pay anything during this replacement program.


Am I required to participate?

Yes, participation in this program is mandatory.  The Village will be replacing all water meters in the water system – nearly 17,000 – during this program. Please make every attempt to schedule your appointment promptly with Siemens once you receive your postcard notification. Failure to comply will result in shutoff of your water supply and you may be charged a 225 dollar turn on fee.  


What if my meter was been replaced in the last couple of years?

If your meter has been replaced recently, you will still need to participate in the program.


Where is my water meter?

Most water meters are located inside the house or business.


Will anything be on the outside of my building?

No. There will be a box on the inside of your home. It will be located next to your current water meter. The installer will not be creating any holes to the outside of your residence or business.


Is this new system safe?

Yes, the power and duration of the radio signal is too low to pose a health risk.  The products that make up the system are evaluated for safety and are below levels specified by the Federal Communications Commission.

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Is my meter data secure?

Yes, only meter consumption readings and meter identification numbers are transmitted. Personal customer information is not transmitted.