Village Manager

Thomas Phelan, Village Manager
The Village Manager is the administrative head of the government of the Village and shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all departments of the Village.

Registered voters of the Village of Oak Lawn elect a Village President (Mayor) at large and six Trustees by district to serve as the governing body and legislative branch of your local government. The administrative branch is headed by the office of the Villager Manager who is appointed by the Village President and Trustees without regard to his political beliefs and in return shall be responsible for the efficient management of all departments of the Village. The current Village Manager is pleased and honored to serve Oak Lawn with Mayor Terry Vorderer and the Board of Trustees along with a great management team and a second-floor Village Hall executive staff that includes, Clerk Claire Henning.

Operating your local government is a big business costing $100 million annually and deploying the technical and labor skills of over 375 men and women to enforce local laws, ensure public safety, respond to and treat medical emergencies, distribute a safe and reliable water supply, clean and maintain streets and water, sanitary and storm mains, sponsor and run special events, provide senior and family services, maintain street lights, upgrade and beautify Village grounds, and initiate financial and technology programs that upgrade the overall service delivery system. 

The key to enhancing the overall quality of life in Oak Lawn for residents, businesses, and visitors is a team effort.  "Schools, churches, the Chamber of Commerce, Oak Lawn Park District, Oak Lawn Public Library, Advocate Christ Medical Center, and every civic and community group including the VFW, Rotary, Kiwanis, and Park Lawn are in this together." 

The Village Manager then is quick to offer a broad smile and talk about what he has learned that sets Oak Lawn ahead of the municipal pack in the Greater Southwest Chicago community. One local bank has more deposits than any of the 1200 branches in its system; Advocate Christ Medical Center and Hope Children's Hospital are award winners and leaders in the healthcare industry; our fire rescue insurance rating is the highest you can achieve in the United States; retail sales places Oak Lawn in 26th position out of over 1200 Illinois municipalities; local youth have gone on to be leaders in business, sports, music, and entertainment industry; and our Oak Lawn Hilton has started a new phase of growth with substantial capital investment. 

The future certainly is bright in spite of national and regional economic realities. Working together, we can establish a strong base for Oak Lawn. The Villager Manager asks all Oak Lawn residents, businesses, and organizations to contribute and make the difference that puts Oak Lawn a cut above the field.

Jerry Dillon
Assistant Village Manager