With the State of Illinois moving into Phase 4 on Friday, June 26, 2020, the Village reopening will move to the second stage of our reopening plan effective June 29, 2020.

The second stage will include:

  • All employees and visitors will be required to wear masks when entering any Village owned building and observe social distancing whenever possible.
  • Public meetings and social events are limited to the lesser of 50 guests or 50% of overall room capacity.
  • Masks are required and social distancing is observed whenever possible.  This includes Board of Trustee meetings and all other public meetings.
  • All Departments of Village Hall will be open, including the second floor and basement.




Ways You Can Be Green

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Rain Barrels          Rain Barrels


Please visit the websites below for information and the proper use of rain barrels.


 Earth911      “Where can I recycle … ?”

Don’t know what or where to recycle …Christmas lights…shoes…or other items? Visit

Simply select the type of item to be recycled and enter your zip code to find a location. Additionally the site has many helpful tips and information on recycling!

And for a comprehensive resource of how and where to recycle items locally visit:


Crayons              Recycle Crayons DIY

Click here for instructions on how to recycle old crayons into new uses.  Crayons Recycling Recipe


Ways You Can Be Green            Parkway Tree Planting Program

Contact the Village of Oak Lawn's Forester @ 708-499-7098 or

Please visit the Village of Oak Lawn's Forestry website @


Water Conservation           Water Conservation

Did you know that your lawn only wants 1” water per week? The Village of Oak Lawn promotes water conservation. Lawn watering restrictions are in effect May 15th through September 15th on an odd/ even address basis. For more information about water conservation, visit:


Energy Conservation - Weatherization Help        Energy Conservation - Weatherization Help

CEDA (Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, Incorporated) is offering weatherization assistance to Cook County residents.


Rain Garden in Oak Lawn        Rain Garden in Oak Lawn


The Village of Oak Lawn installed a demonstration rain garden at the NE corner of 103rd Street and 52nd Ave.

To learn more about rain gardens visit:


IEPA          Illinois Environmental Protection Agency - Green Tips


Illinois Recycling Association     Illinois Recycling Association - Visit this site for more information (videos, links, resources, etc.) about recycling in Illinois.

 US EPA         US Environmental Protection Agency - Green Living


Volunteer     Volunteer

Questions about the Green Team or looking to volunteer? Contact us at