With the State of Illinois moving into Phase 4 on Friday, June 26, 2020, the Village reopening will move to the second stage of our reopening plan effective June 29, 2020.

The second stage will include:

  • All employees and visitors will be required to wear masks when entering any Village owned building and observe social distancing whenever possible.
  • Public meetings and social events are limited to the lesser of 50 guests or 50% of overall room capacity.
  • Masks are required and social distancing is observed whenever possible.  This includes Board of Trustee meetings and all other public meetings.
  • All Departments of Village Hall will be open, including the second floor and basement.




Tree Debris Collection

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The Village or the Village’s waste hauler (Republic Services / Allied Waste) does not collect debris generated from contractors. The contractor must haul away the debris.

Storm Damage: 

The Village will pick up any damage from a parkway tree. Please call the Department of Public Works, Forestry Division to log a request. Storm Damage from private trees normally requires the protocol for pickup by our waste hauler, Republic Services. See below.

Occasionally, in extreme storm situations, the Village chipper will pick up storm damage from private trees. Visit this website or call the Village of Oak Lawn, Public Works, (708) 499-7756 to inquire if we have set up emergency conditions and storm pick up for private property.

Tree and Brush Trimming: 

Republic Services / Allied Waste, the Village’s waste hauler, collects debris generated by woody plants. For all trimming, storm damage and bush removal, place the debris at the same location as your pickup for household garbage. For collection, place the debris, bundled in 4’ lengths, 3’ wide or less and less than 60 lbs. Separate logs from branches. This service is available April 1st to November 30th.

Whole Tree Removal: 

The Village will pick up tree debris generated from a whole tree removal performed by the homeowner. Place all debris at the curb (no alley pickup), cut ends toward the street, stacked neatly, and logs separate. Please call the Department of Public Works, Forestry Division, (708) 499-7756 to log your request by Wednesday at 5:00pm. The debris will be inspected on Thursday and pickup will be on Friday. This service is available year round.