Sex Offender Registration

ISP Sex Offender Registry

FBI Sex Offender Registry

Sex offender monitoring program: The main emphasis of this program is to inform uniformed officers and the citizens in our community as to the presence of registered sex offenders residing within Oak Lawn.

‘Megan’s Law’

In 1994, seven year old Megan Kanka was tricked into Jesse Timmendequas’ house in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Jesse Timmendequas, the neighbor, was a convicted sex offender with two prior convictions for sexual abuse of a child, but no one in the neighborhood knew that. Eventually, Timmendequas was convicted for the murder of Megan Kanka.

Following the death of Megan a grass roots movement led to the removal of the prohibition of law enforcement notifying the public of the presence of serious and high-risk sex offenders living in their community. On May 17, 1996, President Clinton signed the Federal "Megan's Law". This law permitted law enforcement to release relevant information to protect the public from sexually violent offenders.

The law is not intended to punish the offender and specifically prohibits using the information to harass or commit any crime against the offender. It recognizes that public safety is best served when registered sex offenders are not concealing their location.

There are other aspects of the Megan's Law legislation that allows law enforcement to proactively notify schools and at-risk individuals (or their parents) of Serious and High-Risk sex offenders living near them. These notifications would be on a case-by-case basis after law enforcement becomes aware of an offender living in proximity to at-risk persons.

The following links contain names, locations and pictures of sex offenders registered in the Village of Oak Lawn.