Oak Lawn has three (3) fire stations and staffs the following equipment:

                Two (2) Engines
                One (1) Truck 
                One (1) Squad
                Three (3) Ambulances
                One (1) Battalion Chief

The village is divided into three response districts.  The type of call determines how many resources are deployed to each call.

  • Ambulance call – Advanced Life Support Ambulance and fire engine.    

    You may have asked yourself, why does the fire department send a fire engine? The engine company crew responds to assist and support the ambulance crew, depending on the severity of the call.

  • Minor Fire Call – One or two companies depending on the nature of the incident.
  • Fire Call – For reported fire emergencies the department deploys the companies from two of its fire stations, plus the assistance (automatic aid) from neighboring communities.    

    Automatic aid agreements are between two towns, where each responds to each other’s calls for emergency service.  Current auto aid agreements:

    • Alsip
    • Burbank
    • Chicago Ridge
    • Evergreen Park
    • Hometown