Property Taxes

A property tax bill is made up of payments to a number of separate local government units, including County, Township, Village, Library, Park District and various school districts.  The property tax bills are issued by Cook County and are due in two installments.  On or about March 1st of each year, the first installment of taxes is due and are 55% of the previous year's total amount.  The second installment is prepared and mailed around June 30th and is the the balance of the taxes due.  The balance is calculated by subtracting the first installment from the total taxes due for the present year.  The second installment is generally due August 1st or at a later date as set by Cook County.

Your tax bill is computed based on the assessed value or your property multiplied by a tax rate.  Learn more about the assessment process by visiting the Cook County Assessor's Office.

The Worth Township Assessor can assist residents with any missing or incorrect exemptions and act as a resident's advocate with the Cook County Assessor's Office.  Contact the Worth Township Assessor at (708) 371-5557 or via email at assessorworth@worthtownship.com for more information.  Property owners should review their tax bills to ensure that all exemptions they are entitled to were received. 

Please contact the Finance Department at (708) 499-7777 for additional information.