Commuter Parking Lots

Daily Parking Pay Stations
Commuter parking lots for the Metra Southwest Service Line are available on the north side of 95th Street as well as in our Patriot Station parking tower.  Parking spots designated as "Permit Only" are only allowed for commuters that properly display their quarterly pass on their rearview mirror.  Additional spots are available where commuters may pay daily parking fares in cash or credit card by using any of the payment terminals located on the train platform or adjacent to the north parking lot.  The fee for daily parking is $2.00 per space, per day.  Overnight parking is not allowed.  Exact payment must be made as the machines do not give out change.  If a parking space is noted as "permit only" daily payments will not be allowed at the payment terminals, and a cancelled transaction notice will appear on the machine if a permit only spot is entered.

Metra South. West of Machines.Passport Parking System
Commuters may also utilize the call and pay option by dialing (708)716-0716, visit the Passport Parking website or download the PassportParking App to make a secure payment.  Passport Parking requires all users to register to use any of their platforms.  An additional $0.50 convenience fee will be applied at checkout by Passport Parking.  Oak Lawn's Patriot Station is located in zone 314.   Signs with this information are also posted throughout the Patriot Station.
Quarterly Commuter Parking Permits
Commuter Lot Parking Permits are also available for purchase every December, March, June and September to be used in the following quarter.  There is a $100 fee for the quarterly permits.  Pro-rated permits are allowed for new customers.  Permits are available for purchase at the Cashier window at Village Hall or by clicking the link below.   If applying online, once payment is confirmed, a permit will be mailed out.


For additional information, please contact the Finance Department at (708) 499-7777.

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