Oak Lawn Regional Water System

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The Oak Lawn Regional Water System stores and distributes treated Lake Michigan water, purchased from the City of Chicago, and redistributed through the Oak Lawn Regional Water System, to 12 customers communities.

In 2010 Oak Lawn began major upgrades to the water system.  The first step was to Master Plan and Hydraulically Modeling the system.   In 2012, based on the findings of the Master Plan, Oak Lawn began updating valves, replacing aged controls and improving a variety of other infrastructure at its Harker and Reich Pump Stations.  In late 2013, Oak Lawn began upgrading pumps, reconfiguring mains, and installing back-up power supply as well as a number of other modernization improvements. 

In 2014 Oak Lawn will begin the design and construction of a 16-mile 60-inch diameter looped transmission main.   When these improvements are complete the system will be prepared to meet the redundancy, reliability and capacity needs for customer communities through and beyond the 2030 planning horizon.

The Oak Lawn Retail Water System is generally comprised of the following major components:

Thousands of feet transmission and distribution mains. 

Two, one‐million gallon, elevated storage tanks.  

Two, sectionalized, 8‐million gallon, ground storage reservoirs  

Several pump stations and booster stations