The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) has recognized the Village of Oak Lawn as an entitlement community since 1988. The Grant Administrator for the Village of Oak Lawn is responsible for the development of the five-year Consolidated Plan and is assigned the management of all CDBG funding for the entitlement community. The overall basic goal for the CDBG program is to provide decent housing, a suitable living environment and to expand economic opportunities. The 2015 Village of Oak Lawn Consolidated Plan prepared for the CDBG program has identified the goals that will be a priority for the next five years as follows:

• Community and Neighborhood improvements

provide a suitable living environment – provide safe and improved access for the community – overall improvement of the living environment by improving the sewers, streets, streetlights, and other eligible improvements.

• Provide the availability of a shared housing option
assist the elderly homeowners/occupants in maintaining independence – services provided by PLOWS Council on Aging.

• Assist at risk and homeless thru PADS
Assist in providing a suitable living environment and provide training to aid in economic opportunities. Provide accessible support services to the homeless and the chronic homeless with those services provided by Public action to Deliver Shelter (“PADS”)

• Program Management
Administer CDBG funding to meet the National Objectives – Implement and manage affordable housing, suitable living areas and public service activities.

• Further Fair Housing
the Fair Housing Administrator and Commission provide information to the community and document and investigate any complaints if needed.