The Village of Oak Lawn is launching a multi-year project to make needed repairs to our parking garage which will extend the lifespan of the facility.


The garage will remain open during the renovations, however:  Please be advised that certain sections of the garage primarily on the 4TH and 5TH floors will be closed off during the repair work. No Parking signs will be posted. PLEASE ADHERE TO THE SIGNS OR YOU WILL BE TICKETED AND TOWEDTraffic patterns will be maintained, however travel lanes will be shifted with traffic control. While work is occurring there may be some occasional dust created as concrete and joint repairs are being made. 

Temporary additional permit parking for users will be located at:  North side of 96TH St. between 52nd Ave and Cook Ave. South side of Yourell Ave. between 52nd Ave. and Cook Ave. 

The First Phase of Repairs Will Begin on May 1St, and Continue Until Approximately August 15TH, of 2017.

This is the first of two scheduled phases of construction. For questions about the repairs please contact Steve Barrett at



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The primary function of the Sewer Division is the maintenance & repair of the sewer system throughout the Village of Oak Lawn. It is composed of two separate entities, a sanitary system which handles wastewater or dirty water and a storm system which handles rain water or clean water. 


The Village of Oak Lawn’s Sewer Department maintains over 120 miles of sanitary mains which are interconnected with over 4,100 sanitary manholes & four lift stations. These sewers collect the wastewater from homes & businesses throughout the Village of Oak Lawn & eventually flow to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago’s Main System, 


The Village of Oak Lawn’s Sewer Department also maintains over 116 miles of storm mains which like the sanitary system are interconnected with over 950 storm manholes (Solid Lids) which are fed by over 4,300 storm basins (Open Grates) & two lift stations. This system eventually feeds into the Stoney Creek, Oak Lawn Creek, Melvina Ditch or a deep tunnel connection provided by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.


 The Village of Oak Lawn Sewer Division can be contacted between the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm on regular work days at (708) 499-7756. If assistance is needed on holidays, weekends, etc...  Please call the non-emergency police number (708) 499-7721.

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