The Village of Oak Lawn is launching a multi-year project to make needed repairs to our parking garage which will extend the lifespan of the facility.


The garage will remain open during the renovations, however:  Please be advised that certain sections of the garage primarily on the 4TH and 5TH floors will be closed off during the repair work. No Parking signs will be posted. PLEASE ADHERE TO THE SIGNS OR YOU WILL BE TICKETED AND TOWEDTraffic patterns will be maintained, however travel lanes will be shifted with traffic control. While work is occurring there may be some occasional dust created as concrete and joint repairs are being made. 

Temporary additional permit parking for users will be located at:  North side of 96TH St. between 52nd Ave and Cook Ave. South side of Yourell Ave. between 52nd Ave. and Cook Ave. 

The First Phase of Repairs Will Begin on May 1St, and Continue Until Approximately August 15TH, of 2017.

This is the first of two scheduled phases of construction. For questions about the repairs please contact Steve Barrett at


Fleet and Facilities

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The Equipment Maintenance Division's duties are to repair all Village equipment, which includes Fire and Police Department, Public Works vehicles, and all stationary equipment. We also have a preventive maintenance program in effect to avoid major breakdowns. Work is done twenty-four hours a day, five days a week, by three shifts. The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence recommends employing one automotive mechanic or mechanic helper for every fourteen vehicles or pieces of equipment. At this time, we have one Superintendent, three Crew Chiefs, three Chief Auto Mechanics, six Automotive Mechanics and four Mechanic Helpers.

Out of 433 vehicles and pieces of equipment, 190 are serviced regularly each month. The Fire Department's five ambulances and twelve vehicles are serviced every other month. The remainder of the Fire Department's eight vehicles are serviced quarterly. The Police Department's forty-three vehicles are serviced bi-monthly. Most of the work done by the Equipment Maintenance Division falls into three basic categories: preventive maintenance, mechanical repair, and fabrication. The following paragraphs briefly contain a few facts concerning these categories.

Service procedures include changing of oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter (when needed), the checking of transmission and fluid level, grease and service of bearings and joints, checking of brakes and fluid, checking of batteries, wiring, lights, signals, shocks, air conditioning and heater, all hoses and belts, radiator and water pump, tie rod ends, A-Frame, air in tires and in spare, fire extinguishers, washing all windows and lights, and all items related to vehicle safety and performance.

During the average week, not including overtime work, the Equipment Maintenance Division does approximately 150 to 180 general repairs and daily complaints to a wide variety of vehicles and equipment. Most of the repairs completed on the first shift involve keeping the various departments' vehicles and equipment in use and on the road. The other shifts deal primarily with repairs that are not completed on the first shift and all servicing of equipment. To perform this work all employees of the Equipment Maintenance Division are required to have a high degree of technical knowledge and ability for a wide variety of tasks and the knowledge and training to operate all types of equipment in the village and be able to diagnose and repair. Over the years an increasing demand has been placed on this division in areas of design and fabrication for all departments in the Village. With outside labor reaching over $85.00 per hour, the Equipment Maintenance Division has been able to complete these projects and save the Village time and money.